New Orleans Paranormal Tours!!

ghostIf you are a visitor to New Orleans, a ghost tour is a wonderful opportunity to experience a haunted area with an experienced guide to answer your questions and offer little known details of the ghostly encounters of the area.

There are hundreds of legends about haunting in New Orleans especially the French Quarter district of the city. New Orleans is an old city with a rich history of cultural diversity. Visitors to the city have the opportunity to enjoy a New Orleans ghost tours which explore the many paranormal events that have been professionally documented throughout the years.

With special audio recording equipment, captured sounds of ghosts and their activities have been recorded. Because of New Orleans reputation as a mecca for ghost hunters, these tours give each visitor to New Orleans the opportunity to experience a supernatural event.
Whether you believe in ghosts or not, it is fun to take a ghost tour to satisfy your curiosity about the history of New Orleans and the legends that create such mystery that surrounds the city.

This walking ghost tour around the French Quarter explores sites where hauntings have occurred. Knowledgable guides provide the stories and legends about New Orleans supernatural past in detail. For more information to take advantage of the Witches Brew Tours, please contact http://witchesbrewtours.com.